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We provide a whole range of services to suit your needs. We are patient-centred, providing top quality treatments using the most advanced techniques in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Our highly skilled and friendly team focus on the well-being and comfort of our patients. 

The team is constantly updating their knowledge and expanding their expertise so as to ensure that our patients are always given the best care, with the most advanced and safest medical treatment options.



Comprehensive fertility consultation; one-stop clinical assessment with tests being performed for both partners.

Male Reproductive Health
Male Fertility Consultations, 

Semen Analysis, Male Hormone Profile.

Pregnancy Scans / Baby Scans

The full range of pregnancy and baby scans are available within our clinic.


Private Antenatal Care Pregnancy & Childbirth

BabyInc offers a completely private antenatal care package with your own, full-time private Consultant Obstetrician

Harmony & NIPT Screening


NIPT is a simple blood test from 10 weeks gestation, from the mother and is not associated with miscarriage.




Gynaecology Services


We provide a wide range of Gynaecology services with expert advice and experience in diagnosis  and management.


Every woman experiences the menopause differently, some women choosing to manage their symptoms utilising (HRT).

Ovarian Screening

Ovarian cancer is one of the most life-threatening cancers in women, in part because it is often found at a late stage.


There are many choices of contraception widely available. However, no method is 100% reliable.

Sexual Health Screening

Are you concerned regarding Sexually transmitted Infections (STI’s) or Sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s)?

Cervical Cancer and HPV Vaccine

Human Papilloma Virus is a common virus of which there are many types. Some cause no harm, whilst others cause diseases of the genital area. 

Colposcopy Examination

A Colposcopy is a simple procedure performed to examine the cervix (neck of the womb). This is a simple, painless procedure and takes approximately 10 minutes. 

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