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BabyInc offers a completely private antenatal care package with your own, full-time private Consultant Obstetrician. Mr Ram is available 24-hours per day for his booked antenatal patients. In Mr Ram’s absence, a Consultant colleague is always available.

During pregnancy, women are routinely seen every 4 weeks until 30 weeks, fortnightly until 36 weeks and then weekly until delivery. You may, Of course, be seen as often as you require. Our service is completely flexible to suit your needs. You have the ability to choose early morning, daytime or evening appointments to fit around your busy daily schedule.

All routine antenatal assessments, including ultrasound scans and blood tests are carried out within the clinic. There is no requirement for you to visit your GP or any other clinic for various tests. Everything you need is provided within our clinic.

At each visit you will have the opportunity to discuss your progress, concerns and requirements for your pregnancy with Mr Ram. Mr Ram will also discuss the choices open to you for the delivery of your baby. Whether your choice is a vaginal delivery or a caesarean section, Mr Ram will deliver your baby at The Portland Hospital for Women and Children. Mr Ram will be with you throughout your labour and delivery. He will visit you daily, post-delivery, until you are discharged from hospital. A 6 weeks post-natal check-up will also be arranged for you. You will still have the ability, in the immediate post-natal period, to contact Mr Ram 24-hours per day should any problem arise.

You may choose to join the antenatal care package at any stage during your pregnancy. Fees will be charged accordingly.

The Antenatal Care Package Price Includes:

  • All ultrasound scans at routine visits
  • All antenatal consultations and examinations
  • A 6 weeks post-natal visit
  • 24-hour consultant availability (or a consultant colleague in his rare absence)
  • The delivery of your baby by Mr Ram at The Portland Hospital

The Antenatal Care Package Price Does NOT Include:

  • Pathology fees such as blood tests, swabs etc.
  • Hospital Fees
  • Anaesthetic fees/ Epidural fees
  • Fetal medicine specialist led ultrasound scans


A 6 weeks post-natal check up will be arranged for you. Recommendations for a Consultant Paediatrician can be made, if you require, for your baby. We also have a close association with several private General Practitioners,  who will be delighted to provide the routine vaccinations for your baby.

Ad-Hoc Appointments

If you do not wish to opt for the complete private antenatal care package, you may opt to have a one-off consultation with Mr Ram if you have a specific problem or concern or wish a second opinion. If you are booked with your local NHS hospital for the delivery of your baby, you may still wish to have your pregnancy scans performed privately, at a time convenient to yourself and your partner so that you do not have to take off work. Pre and Post working hours appointments are available.

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