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Gynaecology Services

We provide a whole range of services to suit your needs. We are patient-centred, providing top quality treatments using the most advanced techniques in Gynaecology. Our highly skilled and friendly team focus on the well-being and comfort of our patients. The team is constantly updating their knowledge and expanding their expertise so as to ensure that our patients are always given the best care, with the most advanced and safest medical treatment options.




Here at Babyinc we offer a wide range of gynaecological services, many of which can be found in the list of services. If you are troubled with any gynaecological complaint, please give the office a call to set up an appointment. Ultrasound scans, blood tests and other diagnostic procedures are performed within the clinic.


Gynaecology  managed at Babyinc includes: 

  • Heavy Periods (Menorrhagia) 
  • Fibroids  
  • Adenomyosis  
  • Irregular Periods  
  • Endometrial and Cervical Polyps 
  • Amenorrhoea  
  • Premature  Menopause 
  • Menopause  
  • Hormone Replacement  Therapy 
  • Postmenopausal Bleeding 
  • Dysmenorrhoea (Period Pain) 
  • Chronic Pelvic Pain  
  • Endometriosis  
  • Pelvic Adhesions  
  • Ovarian Cysts  
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) 
  • Cervical smear  Insertion of
  • Intrauterine Device

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